Sunday, 25 September 2011


At last I have completed pappa dragon for my trio for the DRAGONS AND PEARLS event in Sherringham. This time over the sea with castles in the background. .. and instead of breathing out flames he has pearls coming out of his mouth and floating away.

Here are some close ups of the various parts from wings, legs, tail, castles and pearls providing more detail, texture and colour:

Here is pappa's head with the pearls breathing out of his mouth instead of flames. I think I might add two horns before calling it a day and completing my trio family of dragons. Its been lots of fun.

Friday, 16 September 2011


A few years back Anita and I were invited to paint in Ely Palace. Although we spent the day working in the grounds, inside I was attracted to two large vases on corner windowsills and took a number of photos. Here is the acrylic of the JAPANESE VASE as finally completed - my daughter having bagged the CHINESE ONE full of deep purples. It has only just been adjusted as a result of a comment by my husband who said the deep burnt orange flowers I originally created dominated the vase - then I realised why I was not satisfied with it - so voila here it is with the toned down blooms ready for submission to the Art Circle autumn show in the Forum Norwich.

Monday, 12 September 2011


This is the second in the family trio of dragons for the Dragons and Pearls Event in October. Although I consider her finished, I might add some more colour (greens probably ) to the wings. What's your opinion?

Here are two images of the work in progress.

As you can see from the top finished work, I adjusted her after this as the belly and back portions needed to run into each other more smoothly... and I darkened the area behind the large pearl in her hand to help make it more prominent, turning it into a rock for her right arm to rest on.

Now onto number three - daddy, which I think I will do all in shades of blue and make him strong, fiery and handsome! Not sure about the background having already used a tree for baby and mountains for mummy.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


This has been great fun and part of a trio. A project entitled DRAGONS AND PEARLS to be part of the Sherringham and Cromer festival in October .... and here is a close up of an earlier stage of the baby dragon.

This is my first piece of a trio in acrylic ink on canvases 30" x 12" . Don't know why I tackled the baby dragon emerging from his egg high in a blossom tree first but I am offering him to the Turning Point Healing Centre to raffle to raise funds.

Following is the sketch onto the canvas using Stabilo 45 fine liner soluble pen. Works well as you can adjust the lines with a little water.

I plan to do his mum as a very demure feminine lady dragon adorned with pearls ........ as yet dad is only a twinkle in my minds eye looking very handsome and created in shades of blues. Here are some ideas in graphite.