Thursday, 15 July 2010


Have been spending the past two days sorting my art room and getting works ready for delivery next Wednesday and Thursday to Kings Lynn and Alby, because I am going over to my girls tomorrow until Monday and bringing our eldest grand daughter back with me for a few days.

But prior to that I was playing with my last sheet of YUPO with acrylic inks and although some areas were successful in this waterfall scene, the whole painting did not work for me. Two close ups I think work individually:

floral area and waterfall reflections

When finished I just felt it was too bright and chocolate box so the following completed painting was washed away in the bath so that I could play again on this my last sheet. Will post the result of that playtime another day - very sombre in comparison about a derelict church interior!

By the way, for those in England, the London Art Supplier Jacksons have stopped stocking YUPO but have an alternative French version called Lana Vanguard. I've ordered a pack so I can continue to play with this technique without having to keep washing out what I did before!!!

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Well, here it is complete and now framed up ready for the Alby Craft Fair at the end of the month. Very typically me with the foreground grasses and foliage painted thicker and layered to bring them forward yet not detract from the main scene. Lastly I softened the shadows in amongst the trees as I felt a smooth transition from the sunny areas was less harsh and unlikely to deflect the eye from the main view.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Back last October Anita and I rented a caravan on the north Norfolk coast as a base to visit various locations for a sketching break. One of the places we visited was Holkham Hall and ever since I have wanted to create a piece of work from my sketches and photos. Well, I got round to it this week as I need a third local country scene for an Arts and Craft Fair in North Norfolk near Cromer soon.

Here's one of my original pen sketches:

and following is the planned composition drawn with pen onto a sheet of acrylic canvas, as I shall be framing it with mount and behind glass. You will see I have put the buildings behind trees I selected from a wood on higher ground which we sketched whilst seated on a bench with a bronze figure and dog beside us (quite spooky making you keep looking round to see who was nearby)!! I've also added some deer from photos taken in the deerpark.

This following image is an early stage of development using Atelier Interactive acrylic paints, as it was so hot when I started painting these first layers I needed to keep spraying them with a mist water spray to keep the pigments pliable and moist - a great feature of this particular acrylic paint.

I'll keep you posted as to how it develops.