Saturday, 26 May 2012


Went on a two day acrylic ink course to find out what another artist did with her inks. Great fun using salt, cling film, tissue paper etc. We each chose a different image from boxes of photos taken on her (Sue Williams) travels and I chose a series of prickly pear photos she had taken in Australia. This is just one of them using cling film, though I should have waited longer for it to dry before removing to give stronger texture.

Did a larger one with lots of crystal and table salts giving good texture. Cut a piece out and framed for a forthcoming show. Will photo and post shortly.

With my apologies for lack of commenting on your posts due to family commitments and lack of  time.  I have quick peep from time to time.

Sunday, 13 May 2012


In readiness for a NOVA artists show at Blickling Hall next month, I have prepared another painting with the Hall seen through a flower bed - this time peonies. It makes a pair with my 16"x16" canvas of a view through the tulip bed previously posted.

Here are the two paintings of blickling viewed through different flower beds and seasons.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Wanting another image to go with the Indian water carriers painting, previously posted on flickr and this blog, I remembered that on a trip through India by car we had stopped off by a lake in the mountains, only to see a few minutes later a line of ladies in coloured saris coming down from the hills carrying firewood on their heads they had collected. I put on the video of our trip and enjoyed time going down memory lane.

This acrylic ink painting is the result. Don't know if you can see the texture I used for the treeline and the stones on the roadway - but they certainly add to the effect in this acrylic painting 20" x 15" on canvas, which will be mounted and framed as the previous Indian painting of water carriers. 

(I am playing with my new google Chrome blogger browser and seem to have a little problem with this image - ie the repeat on the left side of a fraction of the right side!! )

I now understand that it is even harder since our trip for the village people out in the countryside of India to collect firewood, their only source of heat for cooking and light.