Monday, 30 November 2009


Just spent a weekend at our friend's cottage in Wells next the Sea on the north Norfolk coast with Anita. We were so fortunate with the weather despite it being the end of November, with sunshine through until the sun went down at 4 o'clock and no wind. We strolled down to the quay both days for a relaxed lunch and nattered from the time we met up at 11 on Saturday morning until we managed to tear ourselves away from the roaring log fire to go to bed at past 1.30 am!!! Then started all over again Sunday morning until we parted at 6 pm to go back to our own families.

Here's some shots I took to show the mirror like water at the quay and this chirpy little seagull posing for me!
Then on the Sunday we were walking back when we spied these fishermen landing their crab catch of the day as dusk drew in. (waited for ages for the man in the flat cap to get out of the way, but it never happened!!)
I spied amongst the dying foliage these seeds and Chinese lanterns, giving a bright touch to the cottage garden.
It was a delightful weekend for two special friends to spend together, cacooned from the world and for once deciding not to sketch the time away but give every moment to each other.


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Oh wonderful pics, Joan! Will you use any of them for a painting reference?

Cathy Gatland said...

How important to remember to do that sometimes, Joan - time for a friend and nothing else! Love the photos - that top one looks like a perfectly airbrushed, surrealistic painting.

Vicki Greene said...

Great photos and looks like a fun time.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Vicki, Cathy and Cori. I must admit that one with the gull portrait inspires me, but I'll have to wait until I need some seasidy works for next summer's shows.
Had fun visiting your blog Cori for the first time and left a message.

Margaret Ann said...

"...for once deciding not to sketch the time away but give every moment to each other."...I love those words...most precious moments indeed... I must remember to do just that more often.

Gorgeous photos...The sea really captures one's heart.

debwardart said...

So glad you had time to share with a special friend; there is nothing like it in the world and we should consider ourselves blessed to have that opportunity.
Also - love the cottage painting and am sure the owners will treasure it.
I too appreciate the close ups and explanations.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Margaret and Debs - yes it was very important that we had this secluded weekend together to unwind and share. So fortunate we have a mutual friend who offered us her seaside cottage.