Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Just finished a very busy Easter Weekend, with this pen and ink and watercolour washes workshop on the Saturday.

The morning started with everyone practicing different marks with both dip pen and bottles of ink and the use of technical pens of various thickness. Then moved onto using brushes dipped in the ink and diluted with water. The first subject was the pot of ink and box in front of each artists. Here are two studies of members' morning work putting all the previous practice together.

This following page of work shows pen work on the left and brush only on right.

Later in the day everyone chose a particular subject from the variety of things I had brought in. They either worked with pen followed by water colour washes, or bravely tackled their chosen subject with shapes of water colour washes first and when dry added pen marks for the detail. Here are some results.

Here are some samples of work from our new members, who have very bravely been 'thrown in the deep end' and came up swimming really well.

... and finally, here is one of our younger member's working on an illustration for a children's book all about a llama. I hope I have not given any secrets away.

A great day had by all and an hour after getting home my family arrived!! When they left, Elisha (my youngest grand daughter aged 9) stayed for an extra few days and we had lots of fun together.


Vicki Greene said...

This looks like a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I like the workshop posts. Its like I'm looking over people's shoulders in the art class.

Margaret Ann said...

Great posts... I love the effect of using ink with brush...gorgeous highlights...and, of course...what a sweet llama!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful workshop and super wonderful family time! :)