Monday, 10 May 2010


I can't believe how the time has flown since I journeyed over to Sutton Bridge to take an acrylic workshop for a group of artists over there in Lincolnshire on the 21st April. I stayed on to visit friends and ever since I have been back have been delivering work for Norfolk and Suffolk shows, attending previews, stewarding and visiting Yarmouth one lovely day with Sandra to see the Seachange Exhibition and visit a new gallery opened by Michelle who runs the Beccles Upstairs gallery. Oh yes, then on 1st May had my local group at a pastel workshop, so no time to add a new post to my blog.

Then I came home early from delivering and invigilating at a West Norfolk Artist show at Ringstead Stables Gallery, as I had developed a very itchy rash and everyone was worried it was shingles. Fortunately, my doctor saw me on the afternoon of my return and diagnosed an allergy. So I am on cortison creams and anti histamine tablets and slowly improving.

Then last Wednesday (the day I returned) I had an SOS from a new gallery which opened this year in the lovely market town of Reepham in Norfolk. Having seen my book Ten Years in the Life of a Painter, Laura asked particularly for my flower pieces. It was a lovely opportunity at very short notice to find a selection of floral works available from my stock and I rose to the occasion taking down work for her to select and hang the very next morning. We had great fun together working out what went where with much juggling and changing of minds as the morning progressed. Eventually there were 13 pieces hung, including the Norfolk Poppyfield acrylic on an easel in the window -

Here is the hanging in progress
and the corner where we hung the four watercolours I had brought.

My larger acrylic pieces made a grand showing on the main wall opposite the entrance doorway. I'm going back tomorrow to meet their PR lady and photographer, so will photo that as Laura straightened and labelled all the works after I left on Thursday.


debwardart said...

You are one busy lady! Good luck with the new gallery!

DJ said...

Congratulations on your staying busy and making productive connections! The new gallery is blessed to have you on such short notice.
Well done~

Anita Davies said...

Woohoo! Way to go Joannie, rising to such a challenge in such short time. Congratulations....of course she liked your work, who wouldn't?
Got your letter this morning, such a lovely surprise, hope you're feeling better, I imagine it's been brought on with the heat ...I remember us both itching quite badly one Summer.
Take care of you! Soooo looking fwd to our weekend in Snettisham cottage. x

Robert A Vollrath said...

I always feel a magic when I come to your blog.
There is a bit of magic when art is hung for the first time.

Vicki Greene said...

Wow, you are a very busy lady! Your paintings look lovely and the gallery is lucky to have your work there.

YukikoJ威宇 said...

很期待新的內容,幫你推個文^^ .............................................