Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Every year The Rev. William Howard organises a CELEBRATION OF ART at his church in Grimston near Kings Lynn in West Norfolk. Many times in the earlier days I used to prepare what I call 'spiritual' works and have often been asked when I am going to do some again. This year I planned to find time to do just that. Here are the results of two pieces created with acrylic inks 12" x 12" on Lana Vanguard.

Number one is called THE BORN LEADER. Trust you prefer the changes to the figure on the right hand side. I do!!

... as an earlier stage I decided the figure on the right handside was too big and I did not need the complexity of two heads together.

This is number two THE TAX COLLECTOR. Inspired by the eagle lectern at Oxborough - one of the many pre-reformation lecterns created with slits to take household taxes for Rome.

This is an early stage of planning.

... and after many adjustments and colour changes following yet another visit to the Oxborough church, came to this final piece.

Hope they will be well received at the exhibition starting 24th May through to the end of the month.


Sandy Maudlin said...

I love your topics as well as how professionally you're using the Lana Vanguard. YUPO is easier to type, though. Excellent.

debwardart said...

Very inspirational, Joan. ps - did you get an invitation to The Big Royal Wedding!!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

No Debs! watched it on a large screen filling a wall at my daughter's home with our three grand daughters. Absolutely beautiful.

Loved your Easter piece too Sandy. Sometimes I just want to type LV - but no one will know what I mean!!

DJ said...

Well, blow me away...I see you're painting inspirational art yourself! Beautiful, Joan. Just beautiful.
Mine won't be of your caliber, but your standards are inspirational in striving for better.
Thank you ~