Sunday, 14 August 2011


A small town 7 miles from my home recently received a grant to build a new prestigious art centre available to students and the community. The local NOVA group of artists were invited to produce work for the opening. Along with other members I visited the construction and art department of the school to get inspired to create work for submission. I am producing one canvas 40" long with three images painted with acrylic inks onto my favourite Lana Vanguard support, stuck to the canvas with gesso.

The top image is of the construction showing part of the school behind. The added school logo is one I noticed in the art department.

This is the second image create by a visit into the school art department. The faces along the top were inspired by those made by the students with wire. The hard hats appear because we took them off and placed them on a blue table top after our visit to the construction.

I have ideas for the third image based on seeing the butlers sink and a big black cat piece of artwork in the art department and probably a row of what seemed like Russian dolls, but I think were painted ceramic bottles created by the students. I'm pleased with how its going, but have ideas about outlining each block image with thick black marker pen and bringing out some of the objects by outlining in pen. Nor sure yet.


Sandra Rowney said...

Interesting project, I would have liked to have made a sketch of you wearing your yellow hard hat!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Will send you a photo!