Friday, 23 March 2012


At long last I have put something new into my garden sketchbook.

I started off by sketching the tree stump using Stabilo pens then used both these pens and watercolour for the flowers. Made a big mistable putting those fine green leaves alongside and behind the trunk - they really spoil the composition.

It was a lovely sunny week and these primroses are in the garden alongside the stump of an old tree we lost last winter so when my ladies came yesterday decided to sketch them.

I then picked a flower to do a little study in the corner in watercolour, using negative painting to create the pale petals. Its like working back to front!!


Sandra Rowney said...

Lovely primroses, but best of all I like your typo, the word 'mistable' instead of mistake has a much artier ring about it. From now on I'll be making mistables!

RH Carpenter said...

I like both of these - your painting of the primrose is so delicate and so lovely. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful spring.

Sue Pownall said...

I think the drawing is pretty, very delicate.

Have a lovely inspiring spring.

Christiane Kingsley said...

How lucky you are to have spring flowers already. Both of these paintings are lovely!