Sunday, 22 July 2012


From my Michael Morgan RI book I noted how often artists create through what he says ....'allows imagination to engage with the subject schooled by the nature and art he has long observed' ...

so thats what I did here with memories of many a visit to our lovely nearby North Norfolk coastal region. Using acrylic inks on my favourite Lana Vanguard 'paper'. Like Michael Morgan 'unpeopled' to provide a sense of calm and peace.

Above is what I have written in my flickr account where I have posted this painting. Still  having major problems uploading images to my blogger, so plan in future simply to
refer any visitors to my flickr account at

HOPE YOU TAKE THE TROUBLE TO USE THIS LINK 'cos I don't want to lose you all!!!!.
 many thanks from J oannie until I get myself sorted again!

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