Thursday, 29 March 2012


This is the second flamenco dancer for the Dereham Music Festival Show. I wanted to create a green coloured backdrop to highlight the red in her dress and came up with this lovely pistachio colour. I decided to keep it quite simple and am really pleased. I created the additional glimpse of another spotlight in the front to add mystery - is she dancing with a partner out of view or another lady in red.??

Friday, 23 March 2012


At long last I have put something new into my garden sketchbook.

I started off by sketching the tree stump using Stabilo pens then used both these pens and watercolour for the flowers. Made a big mistable putting those fine green leaves alongside and behind the trunk - they really spoil the composition.

It was a lovely sunny week and these primroses are in the garden alongside the stump of an old tree we lost last winter so when my ladies came yesterday decided to sketch them.

I then picked a flower to do a little study in the corner in watercolour, using negative painting to create the pale petals. Its like working back to front!!

Friday, 9 March 2012


I posted on my flickr account the original ink sketch of this Spanish dancer. .. but afraid the blogger is not working well and has created these bands. Its Saturday and tried to upload again and ok this time round!

Here it is finished in acrylic inks and soft Liquitex acrylic paints. Painting size 10" x 16" on canvas sheet to be put into a double mount and silver frame.

The guitarist at the back has been added to create an image to go with the show title of

IN RESPONSE TO MUSIC being exhibited at the Dereham gallery during the Dereham Music Festival in May.

Have any of you been having the same trouble uploading images as I have of late. ????????? Its why I haven't posted recently. I have tried four times to upload these and each time they have gone into bands of colour, ie the yellow at the bottom of the finished work. I have given up and decided to let you see what I can upload - if you are interested in the original ink sketch please check out my Flickr account (see side bar for link).

I now plan to create a group of dancers in red with the guitarist more prominent. Not sure how it will go.

My ideas have come from a visit to Majorca with my daughter and her eldest some years back when we had a dance troup entertain us one evening at the hotel. The spotted dress has always stayed in my mind.