Thursday, 7 August 2008


At some of the previous workshops we discussed negative painting and how to paint white objects. As I felt some of the members were ready to tackle this concept, I brought along a white porcelain vase, some white (albeit artificial) roses and a small alabaster statue of a Grecian lady I bought in Athens. To make these light tones show up I also brought in a highly patterned and coloured beach wrap to drape over a pile of books behind.

I think you will agree they made a great start and seemed to really enjoy playing with the patterns and wonderful blues/greens in the fabric background and at this stage leaving the white objects as clear white paper to be enhanced by shadows at a later stage .

The other subject for the day was inspired by some recent sunny days and the feeling of summer and beaches.
and here are some of the works being created with quite large tonal washes.

Good result all round I feel.


Anita Davies said...

WOW, some fantastic results here Joannie

Robert A Vollrath said...

Nice work. I like the beach still life.

Serena said...

I'll bet they were very pleased with their efforts, Joan...impressive pics.