Saturday, 16 August 2008


My three grand-daughters are staying with us this weekend and I took them out on a trip today on the local narrow gauge steam train from Wroxham to Aylsham, passing through the village I live in. Here are some photos of the one we travelled on the 9 miles each way taking 45 minutes through the countryside, over bridges, across the river and through a dark tunnel! It was called BLICKLING HALL after the name of a local manor house. They were taken in the lovely station at Aylsham. We stopped for a lovely cup of hot chocolate and biscuits before getting the train back. Most of the stops were so pretty with little flower beds and hanging baskets.

This one is of the coal to prove it was a steam train.
and this one my eldest grand-daughter Channais took out the window as we were travelling when another train in the fleet was passing us by while we waited in a siding. Best photo of the day!!

None of the grand-daughters approved the photos I took of them, so have not posted any!! We had lots of fun but the train did rattle and shake!!!


Anita Davies said...

Oh Joan it sounds wonderful....Add it to 'our' list of things to do when I next come to stay.

Claudia said...

Sounds as if you had a wonderful day!

Robert A Vollrath said...

How I want to visit England and see all the beautiful things your country has to offer.

I love trains and I didn't know these wonderful steam trains were still around.

This is my favorite of your posts as a steam train is the most beautiful of all machines.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks friends for responding to my train day post. Robert - you may not realise that this is one of a few special short run 15 inch gauge railways built around England by enthusiasts taking small steam engines and carriages that are for tourists/steam train buffs. I really should have posted a photo of the girls standing by the engine to give you scale.