Thursday, 4 December 2008


Now we are in December I am thinking of all you mums dashing about ferrying various children to rehearsals of pantos and plays, attending parties, extra shopping, wrapping, keeping secrets and the myriad things we do extra at Christmas time in a family. .. that we all really really love doing.

So I thought you would like a lesson in RELAXATION - from one of our lovely cats.

This one is part rag doll, very lazy and laid back and quite beautiful with fluffy coat and she is called PETAL. . named by our daughter when she purchased her for me as a birthday present some 6 years ago. Her coat is darker than it should be with this breed, as it is dark chocolate underneath but turned black as mummy had a fling with the black tom living on the farm next door!!

Petal sleeping on my bed one cold winter's afternoon recently.

Strangley our other cat was always destined to be named FLEUR - she is a Burmese Blue and I'll post some photos of her one day. . but she is the active one and hard to get a similar pose!!!


Robert A Vollrath said...

I love cats. Wonderful creatures that can be taught to paint colorful paintings.

Anita Davies said...

LOL....That pose looks soooooo tempting right now Joannie.

"JeanneG" said...

Perfect cat pose. They always seem comfortable no matter where they land or how uncomfortable they look.

RHCarpenter said...

Lovely markings on Petal and yes, cats know how to be relaxed and nonchalant (even if they have just done something stupid, they still just walk away like, "I didn't do that.") Today would be a good day to remain under the blankets in that "cat pose" as it's frigid cold and we're having our first real snow today. Thanks for sharing your little beauty with us.