Tuesday, 3 March 2009


The Norman Keep , a stunning galleried space where we saw enormous leathal weapons, bright shiny armour, tapestries, depiction of a goal and lots more . If we had time it would have been worth joining the tour with a very knowledgeable guide. well worth enlarging for detail

Anita came to spend a long weekend with us and on Saturday I took her via the park and ride service into the city to see the exhibitions on at the Norwich Castle Museum. First of all we looked at the special exhibition of pieces by Moore, Hepworth and Nicholson, where we were not allowed to use our cameras. Still not able to stand and sketch with my bad thumb. The exhibition unfolds the development of sculpture in the 1930s as their holidays to the North Norfolk coast inspired them by the natural forms on the beach and the landscape.

Then there were visits to the other galleries within the building with paintings of the Norwich School of Artists, modern art, decorative arts. Plenty of English history too from the amazing Norman Keep, Egyptian mummies, Anglo Saxons and Vikings and Queen Boudicea.

What a long and exhilarating day with a break for a lovely lunch. Here are some photos for you to enjoy

THE BABES IN THE WOOD a beautiful marble full size piece that took your breath away by John Bell a Victorian Norfolk sculptor

Earthenware tile design by William de Morgan in the 1880's

A 13 gallon teapot thought to have been made for the London Great Exhibition in 1850. The designs depict the growing, picking, fermenting and shipping of the tea from China.
In the Decorative Arts gallery were a collection of historical dresses and this crinoline fashion from the 1850's for an unmarried lady caught my eye. Imagine all the hoops and layers beneath in the summer???
Sorry no paintings, but I hope a very interesting assortment.


Anita Davies said...

Joan your photo of the babes in the wood came out beautiful, haven't checked mine yet I've been charging my battery today.
Thanks again for a great weekend.

RHCarpenter said...

Lovely photos - if you had that much tea, you'd have a problem wearing that many crinolines, I'd think! ha ha

Margaret Ann said...

What a wonderful day the two of you must have had...I love the white babies sculpture and that tile really caught my eye...A 13 GALLON teapot...Oh Goodness!

What a wealth of history!

Robert A Vollrath said...

The little boy in me loved that first picture.