Saturday, 11 April 2009


When Brian and I had finished hanging my works at the Rising Sun on Wednesday, I saw there was an area available where 3 sets of rawplugs were available for small 7 ins wide paintings. As the walls of the pub are old thick strong stone, I have had to use holes already drilled, so its been great fun fitting works to size and for Brian to fix the mirror plates in the exact spot on the back of each frame or canvas. So I decided to use the new little canvases I had recently purchased to create some interesting aspects of the pub area in acrylic.

Here I have used photos of the sign and separate images of the geese that congregate at the riverside, plus the addition of the little boat houses in the distance and some references to all the little white birds (I think Terns) that arrive every winter. I think it makes quite an interesting little view.

blocked in shapes and the finished work 7 x 9 ins canvas

As the sign on the arm advertises the Granary restaurant attached to the pub, I thought the next one would be of the Granary itself, as I plan to hang them as a pair. Fortunately, no hurry, as I will just get Brian to hang them when they are ready.


shicat said...

Sweet,adorable, wonderful.... lucky you.

Cathy Gatland said...

What a lovely painting, as are the others - I'm sure they will be snapped up as souvenirs of visits to this very attractive pub.

Anita Davies said...

Great little painting Joannie.
Got your postcard...Love it, thank you so much. Also read your message on my blog, thanks friend.
Hope your hanging went well and that you'll soon be replacing sold works. x

Robert A Vollrath said...

Very well done. A wonderful little painting.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

You are all too kind with your comments.