Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Just got back from four days painting with Anita and did we have fun.

This first painting was using the new Atelier acrylics on a coloured ground in my own style, making up the composition as I went. Since taking the photo, I have added a fifth gull just above the horizon of the water which appears further away than the group, as I felt I needed to bring this aspect of the piece further into the painting.

I had taken down our ordered new Atelier Interactive acrylics and a DVD explaining their use by a very free artist Mitch Waite, which covered compositions including the figure, colour and tone. After watching we decided to create something in his style including figures in the landscape.
Finding a photo in one of Tom's shootings magazines, I came up with the following - applied very simply in blocks and smudges getting away from all my normal detail!! Only took one afternoon researching the inspiration, blocking in and pushing the paint about a bit and even adding the walkers and dog with quick dabs. Only problem working Mitch's way, is you can easily end up with mud on your palette!

It was cold and at times sleety during my stay, so we buried ourselves in the bright studio and carried on painting into the small hours with nibbles, coffee, wine and gorgeous evening meals in between!! So I have lots of results to post to you. All very different, depending on how we played. Watch this space!


Sandra Rowney said...

I like the "scratchy" feel to the marsh painting and the strong foreground. Great colours too.

DJ said...

Wow...Love this!
Since I use a free-style approach these days, this makes my heart go a-flutter.
I'll tighten up later...maybe...
Hope you continue to experiment!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Sandra - hope you did not mind the word 'marshes' coming into my repertoire, but after playing with the earlier layers, thats what it looked like for me to develop.

DJ been over to your blog this morning and unfortunately it won't let me open the blogger to send a comment. Hope its not all part of the main problem you suffered. Thanks for commenting on my latest post so quickly.

Cathy Gatland said...

Sounds like a super time shared with Anita, great to be able to egg each other on when trying out new techniques too! I especially like the top painting - wonderful depth and texture.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I really like the marsh painting. I'm want to go walking in that painting:)

soulbrush said...

aaaw thanks so much for your kind words about my cactus monday art, you are very sweet, and also a fellow brit. hugs today from me, and you look fantastic for your age!

Margaret Ann said...

I am in love with the marsh piece also...Such delicate little pops of color and detail...This really sings...Glad you had such a fun time with Anita...What a wonderful way to spend time with a friend...:)

RHCarpenter said...

LOVE the Flying over Marshland painting the best - texture and shapes and colors and, well, everything about it works so well and is so visually interesting and attractive to me. Good work (you get good stuff when you're "playing")!