Saturday, 27 February 2010


It's been about ten days since I lasted posted anything new or, in fact, looked at
anyone's blog. It's like being cut off from an essential part of life. Now in half an hour I am off to my daughters to look after the girls, so she can go out for the evening to celebrate her man's birthday.
I have spent so much time of late on my new project, which is almost complete and ready to reveal to my blogger friends soon.
On top of that, it's taking ages to complete entry forms, CDs, CV's, etc for many shows that have deadlines for entries during March/April. Biggest problem has been deciding which works go where and where I need to get down to creating more work. Here are some floral studies of old I am using to build up the number of paintings.
This first one is originally a watercolour to which I added acrylic to build up detail. Its in a square format with double cream mounts and light wood frame measuring 19 x 19 inches. It will be going to the church Celebration of Art at Grimston near Kings Lynn for an end of April annual show.
Number two is an acrylic on flat mounted and framed canvas for the Renewal Exhibition at the recently refurbished gallery at the Yarmouth Library . These cyclamen renewing in the woodland year on year reflect the theme of the show.

Must dash now as I am due to leave any minute. Happy blogging.


shicat said...

Hi Joan,The compostion of both of these paintings is very satisfying.
I really can't decide which I like best. If I had to choose....I think I would pick the top painting. Enjoy your grandbabies and good luck with the shows!

Vicki Greene said...

Joan, I like both of these. Wishing you the best with your upcoming shows. I have just ordered a few acrylics to play with. I have only used watercolor in the past so I might be asking you some questions.

RHCarpenter said...

I like both, too, but those cyclamen are stunning! Those are my faves. Good luck in the shows - I wonder how very prolific artists keep track of what goes where and when??

DJ said...

Oh, you're busy, but in a positive, productive way. :-)
Hope you'll be able to blog about some of your experiences soon.
I love to hear about them.
Wishing you continued success, my friend~

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Cathy - I had a great time with the girls (now 11 and 9) as we played table tennis, tennis, golf and target practice for hours on their Wii. They can't get over how competitive their old nanna still is, having been a sports woman all my life.
Vicki - would be delighted to give advice on acrylics, they are so versatile from thin watered down washes like watercolours, right through to thick impasto textured surface.
Rhonda - I keep a really tight set of records on my hard drive, with a folder for each event plus hand written records of entry date deadlines, delivery and collection dates, titles, measurements and price of art pieces. The best bit is when I can write the lovely word SOLD against an entry.
DJ - thanks for your interest in my work - I do appreciate hearing from you.

Sandra Rowney said...

The cyclamen look good Joan, should be perfect for GYarmouth.

Margaret Ann said...

Wow! Beautiful work Joannie. The cyclamen are delightful...another of my favorite plants...I wish you many, many days of writing "Sold" in your ledgers! You are one prolific and organized lady! :)