Monday, 30 August 2010


I am preparing work for the NOVASTRAND II INSPIRATIONS SHOW Sandra and I are curating at the Belfry Art Centre in September. My theme is based on interior public houses that came about because I needed work to show that would interest any men visitors to my Open Studio weekends, being that most of my work was based on floral and gardens. All participants are offering items for display that inspired their works being exhibited based on their own theme. To date we have such diverse subjects as windows, circles, halloween, city landmarks, surfers , strand (shoreline), the seaside town of Cromer and cows!!!

The one I am showing you now was based on this earlier rather abstracted work which I always thought was not finished. Its never been exhibited and I had called it

On working on it, the painting became more realistic and I changed its name to

On showing it to Sandra, she wondered if I could turn the strange original shape over the shoulder into a tea towel - voila

I have two others ready for the show I will post another day and there was one I had called THE SPANISH BAR I sold at Wells Next the Sea last year. Maybe I'll do some more based on Coltishall pubs, particularly the one that exhibits my local scene paintings for sale.


travelingsuep said...

What a fabulous transformation from abstract to realistic. I like all 3 stages equally :D

I look forward to seeing others.

debwardart said...

Love how you totally changed this painting! Good luck on your show.

Vicki Greene said...

Wow, I love it!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

So glad you all like what I did to that original abstracted purple base. I wondered if you would think I had ruined it!! Wasn't the tea towel a great idea.? Thanks Sandra. Oooops! just seen my word verification is PITTI!!!

RHCarpenter said...

It was fun to see this one take shape and see how you added what you did - although I did like the abstractness of the first one and could "see" it all there, except for the tea towel, that is :)

cathyswatercolors said...

Hi JOan, I enjoy all of the paintings pre and post transformatioin. yupo... no? watercolors?

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Cathy - no these were normal acrylic paints on canvas. Sorry I did not mention that in my post.