Saturday, 4 September 2010


I have now completed number two of the trio of surfers for the Sheringham Reflections show.

When I visited Mundesley beach with the grand children, they were putting out the colourful flags for the surfers and swimmers and I took many photos. This one I feel reflected (ha ha!!) what I wanted to achieve. It had the dark back drop, against which the figures and flags showed up well and I must admit had staggeringly elongated reflections in the water lapping the beach. I did quite a few adjustments to the original photo, strengthening the colour of the sand and softening the distant buildings. I used a different blue to number one surfer painting, mainly because I had run out of cerulean acrylic ink!! I think I might cheat on number three and add some cerulean blue watercoloour to my mix to get back to the softer blue. You'll also notice that I did not put in any detail to either of the faces.

Here is a close up of the reflections, which I was very pleased with , without too much fiddling and almost exactly as I put down the paint in the first layer. Some of the white ripples were created with what you call in the US of A miskfit and we call over here in the UK masking fluid, which at the end was rubbed off to reveal the white streaks of water across the top of the reflected colours.

Now I have to consider what image number three will be created from. Always decision making this artwork, isn't it??


debwardart said...

Looking very good - look forward to seeing the others.

RHCarpenter said...

Perfect work here, Joan, without much detail = we know what a face looks like and it's fine that there are no details. Looking forward to number 3 :) I think various companies call their masking fluid different things: Either masking fluid, miskit, or Pebeo calls their stuff drawing gum (it's masking fluid).

Sandy Maudlin said...

On Lana Vanguard??? Looks just like YUPO! The colors just vibrate so beautifully. Looking forward to the third one, too.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Wow, Rhonda that's a compliment -... 'perfect work'... - never!!
Thanks for keeping in touch regular Debs.
... and
Sandy yes its on Lana Vanguard which has replaced YUPO in Jackson Suppliers London stocks. Just a bit thinner I feel, otherwise re-acts just the same.

travelingsuep said...

I really like how you have tackled their reflections Joan. Thanks for sharing your secret technique to achieve them.

Anita Davies said...

Fabulous work Joannie

Vicki Greene said...

Love thoses reflections!