Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Last Thursday we restarted our Coltishall Ladies weekly group and two of us worked with pastels. I had another cyclamen plant in full bloom and it seemed a good subject to play with lots of colour.

Drawn in briefly with a cream coloured pastel pencil on an almost gold coloured 360 g/ms sheet from my Clairefontaine Pastelmat 30 x 40 cms pad with interspersed wax paper to protect each work from smudging, I then used my box of 72 soft Ashby pastels. At the end I used a natural sponge to wet over the background to see if it helped the main image come forward. Not sure it made much difference!!

Of course, I think you could say its not really finished as a piece of artwork but what I achieved in the afternoon involving tea, cakes and lots and lots of chat catching up on each others' news.


RH Carpenter said...

The colors are very spring-like and I wonder if the cakes were the same color :) Lovely work and I imagine you had a fine time. Finished enough, I'd say - some things are better not so finished (of course, cakes are not one of those things).

Barb Sailor said...

I love the colors - the combination of warm and cool especially in the background. I thing your strokes in the background and on the pot are very interesting - I don't think the sponge changed them much and that is good because they are a very strong part of this painting.

debwardart said...

I think it's great - especially those leaves. Sounds like a fun afternoon for you and it's always nice to paint with a group of friends.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks everyone. Its so nice to know you are continuing to visit and comment on my blog into this new year.The cakes may have ended up the same colours with the pastel dust flying. You should have seen the state our hands were in, but we covered the floor with clothes fortunately.

Sandra Rowney said...

Amazing how one little "e" changes the whole remit of the Coltishall Ladies Group :) (only teasing!)
Good to hear you are painting flowers still.

crissy said...

Such a lovely piece! I like this and I'm looking forward to see your new posts!

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MyrtleHernandez said...

Nice colors..i like your art..thank you for sharing.

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Lucille29 said...

nice I like it..

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