Saturday, 29 January 2011


I have been spending time recently planning a trio of small paintings just 7" x 9.5" to replace some recent sales at The Rising Sun Public House.

This first painting of the trio is based on winter visits to the river side by lots of Pink Footed Geese. ... and on Thursday ladies group got as far as creating the early stages of the water, the bank and the grass. I started putting in the detail of the first bird yesterday afternoon. I decided not to continue the posts along the back riverbank and, in fact, reduced the number along the main line to make the geese less cluttered. I might add a few small geese off in the distance by the time I finish it, but not sure yet. Still long way to go.

Number two and three will be based on photos I took earlier this winter when it snowed hard. One is of the pub sign with a couple sitting on the bridge behind looking out over the water. The other down by the boat houses depicting the flag, some people playing in the snow and probably a few more birds by the water - no boathouses though - I've done them to death!!!! I'll keep posting as they progress.


Sandra Rowney said...

This painting would make a good greeting card to sell, it works well in a small size and has striking shapes in it. I'd buy one :)

Crystal Cook said...

It's looking great Joan! I love those geese. :) ALthough I don't love them in person, every time I've gone to feed ducks with my kids the geese always attack us!

And Sandra is right, I'd buy one too. :)