Friday, 25 February 2011


Every so often I get out my Venezia sketchbook to practice figure drawing. Sometimes I use DVDs, others magazines or books and even 'real' people! Here are a couple of recent attempts.

This first one caught my eye in the SkyMagazine as I loved the movement. A few errors stare out at me from the too large left foot and the too little left foreshortened hand, but at least I had a go. I'm glad I added the tennis ball as it adds a narrative to just a sketch.

Number two is a double spread of our youngest grand daughter when she was staying. Here she is in the sunroom after washing her hair. I like the way the second sketch reveals her lovely dark hair after removing the towel. Decided the features were so bad I would leave the second face blank.

Used Lamy pen with Lexington Grey Noodlers ink and a little Daniel Smith watercolours.

Now you know why I need to keep practicing!


RH Carpenter said...

I don't mind the slight imperfections in these (big foot, small hand) because it tells a story (you were right to include the tennis ball). I like the two of your granddaughter, too and think leaving the features off in the second (for whatever reason) makes it even more interesting.

Barb Sailor said...

The foreshortening is successful even if the hand is too small. I applaud the effort you are putting forth - we all need practice with drawing from life. I like the lines in your drawings of your grand daughter.