Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Another watercolour on Lana Vanguard to go to the Garden House Gallery in Cromer next week with the Norfolk Lavender (same size 13" x 11" mounted and framed in plain box white wood). The pier supports nearly drove me mad and now I see the image on the screen it looks as though it might be collapsing! Ah well such is the life of a painter. Creating the sky, sea and beach were lots of fun in this technique. I had thoughts of adding boats on the beach but decided it would make two centres of focus, so simply added a little trickle of water to lead the eye in to the pier and some detailed stones in the foreground. Here's how it looked before I played with the beach adding different size stones and colours and lifting out to get back to slightly tinted highlights. Then added the trickle of water just kind of happened! Thats how my work develops nowadays - like magic - especially on this Lana Vanguard! Here's a closeup of the texture I created on this lovely support.


Vicki Greene said...

Beautiful painting and I especially love the beach. Thanks for the details and close ups.

LSR said...

This is really so beautiful.