Friday, 1 April 2011


As I have been getting more and more contacts within the art world with particular reference to my floral work, I decided to build myself a new art website with the aid of and above is part of my HOME page. There is a link on my blogger righthand sidebar for you to go and have a peek.

I felt that all the text in the blogging system is interesting for other artists and friends, but I needed a more commercial website to promote my work for sales and commissions.

The albums in the gallery so far have around 10-12 images in each and cover the following subjects:

- watercolour flowers

- acrylic flowers

- garden flower sketchbook

- flowers in the landscape

- Norfolk Landscapes

- Church inspired work

I will continue to add more albums to the gallery and am thinking of creating one on STILL LIFE.

Its a good thing I have always photographed and stored images of all my paintings in a stand alone Omega hard drive that can take up to a million images! Its getting pretty full over the years but I don't think I am anyway near that number yet!!

Using was great fun though time consuming and I am very pleased with the format I chose from their 70 or so different styles.

Hope you find time to go and have a look and maybe comment!

Hopefully I'll get back to regular visits to your blogs and update a little more often.

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Anita Davies said...

Looks fabulous my friend!!!