Monday, 13 June 2011


Thinking about another subject to go with the FAIRY FUCHSIAS watercolour on Lana Vanguard I posted earlier, I eventually came up with the idea of ANGEL TRUMPETS, not only because of FAIRY and ANGEL connection but because both flowers hang down. I had recently planted a DATURA, which is from the same Bragmansia family but its trumpets grow upwards and the one I found was dark purple with soft lavender edges. Maybe once it is in full bloom (currently has ten buds) I'll probably paint that as well.

Here is the finished watercolour 20" x 24" on my trusty friend Lana Vanguard. Like the FUCHSIA painting, I added black marker pen to accent the shapes of the main blooms.

This is how it began:


RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful job, Joan :) When I was in New Orleans several years ago, there were daturas/angel trumpets hanging all over the town in gardens. Then found out the local teens were boiling them for tea because they were hallucinogenic! Several teens were taken to the hospital because of overdosing - so a beautiful but deadly thing. I think they are related to the Moonflower, too, that blooms only at night?

Sue Pownall said...

I like how you've painted these and am amazed how different the finished piece is from how it began.