Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Some while ago I painted an acrylic of a typical scene on the North Norfolk coast from photos I took at Blakeney, combining fishing nets, lobster/crab pots and boats. I was never really satisfied with it but I had put a lot of work into it. So over the past couple of weeks I have repainted it with oils trying to develop a more atmospheric piece. I've always loved doing interesting skies and I think this one (from imagination) works well with a feeling of movement.

Above is the final result of the 20" x 24" box canvas. I used my Michael Harding oil paints King Blue, Phthalocyanine Blue and Green, Terre Verte, Cadmium Red, Yellow Ochre and, of course, lots of white (Titanium).

Below is when I thought I had finished it, until I noticed the skyline on the left was rather higher and did not portray the typical Norfolk flat landscape. I think the revised horizon above gives a much more distant and atmospheric feel to the painting.

Below I've added an image of a very early stage, from which you will see I changed all the net supports (buoys or whatever they are called!) to creamy white and worked more on the net tones, before going on to develop the landscape, water, sky, boats and lobster pots . Lots of fun.

I might look at some of my other stored acrylic works I have not been satisfied with. Somehow using oil gives a completely different feel to the painting.


Lina-Paola said...

Nice work Joan! I really see the differences between all the pieces. It happens to all of us, when you think you are done, but after a week or so, you see more that you have to do. I like the way the result came out, and I do see atmospheric perspective in it, giving the piece more depth as the background gets lighter. But well done!

rory said...

interesting... :)

debwardart said...

Great job on the seascape, and love your flowers in your journal, so vibrant - especially the fuschias - good work!