Saturday, 2 July 2011


From another acrylic painting depicting the North Norfolk Coast I was never happy with, I have now completed the OIL version on canvas 20" x 16" ... and again realise how much I prefer oil paintings for their more subtle finish.

I kept the little boat in the distance much more restrained to help with recession and showed much more light hitting the mud flats on the left. The rocks in the front are held in place with glued on pieces of netting from a lemon bag!! In real fact it was restraining metal netting but a lot had collapsed.

Here's a close up of a part of the water and posts, so you can see how I applied the paint in layers and created texture.


Vicki Greene said...

Beautiful colors on this one!

Barb Sailor said...

Wow! This is impressive. Your handling of the impasto type oil application is stunning.

debwardart said...

Love the close up to see the subtleties you used with the paint.