Saturday, 9 July 2011


On Thursday last week when Philippa came to join me painting we could not go out into the garden because it was raining 'cats and dogs', so I drew the archway through the rain splattered window. The clematis had twined itself around the archway and then the hanging basket !!

I added the iris to the border because at the bottom of the right upright to the arch is the start of our little pond with these lovely soft pinky lavender iris in bloom.

Then I fancied doing another sketch in the garden a couple of days later when I had the afternoon to while away but - yes again - it was raining. So this view of our water feature was painted looking through the sunroom windows.

Needless to say they were both sketched in my lovely Columbine covered garden sketchbook.


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Hi Joan! Hadn't been by for awhile.. not you -- just busy! Looks like you've gone wild with a new background! hehe.. It's lovely!

Lovely paintings.. would love to sit in your garden one day.. or even peer through a window!


RH Carpenter said...

Nicely done, even though the rain kept you inside :) I really like the border on the top one, showing off the irises.

Christiane Kingsley said...

very nice sketches. What a lovely garden you seem to have!

Sue Pownall said...

Lovely sketches Joan. I like how you have added the Irises to the top painting.