Tuesday, 13 December 2011


This watercolour was painted a few years back and hung in my permanent show at The Rising Sun Coltishall. As you may remember, it is currently closed for refurbishment and Sally and Richard the landlords have moved on, so all my paintings came out.

Don't think I ever posted this piece on my blog. So, as I have not worked on anything new of late, thought it would be one way of getting a new post.

Off to Sandra's in the morning for our monthly all day painting session together in her lovely comfortable roomy studio. Have plans to create work from photos I took at Salthouse (North Norfolk coast) earlier in the year. Want to tackle it or them in a less literal way although using acrylic on canvas.


Sandra Rowney said...

Looking forward to our painting day, the last one was so productive!

cathyswatercolors said...

A fine painting... all that detail. Lovely.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Joan, I love the transparency of this painting. Really well done!

Robert A Vollrath said...

I always like a boat as part of a landscape.