Sunday, 6 July 2008


We had our fifth monthly workshop yesterday since I started them in March and, such are the vagaries of running public classes and workshops, four had to cancel at the last moment for most legitimate reasons - a car accident, falling ill, having to stand in for the bossman at the gallery he works in and as normal one just did not turn up.
Anyway, here are the subjects I prepared for our day. The violin for those who have attended regularly and the flower pot and jewellery box for those who had only studied geometric shapes and tones to date.

Below is a watercolour in progress - albeit this lady had accidentally purchased gouache paint tubes - but was able to use plenty of water to get fresh clean washes. This work was redrawn into watercolour pad after some time spent getting to know her subject with pencil sketches and planning the composition in her skektchbook.

One of the members chose to leave out the flowers and concentrate on the basic shapes of the flowerpot, box, pot pourri container and curves of the lace table mat. After a few thumbnail pencil sketches this was the composition she worked on in her watercolour pad with blue tonal washes.
Our gentleman of the day, who turns out to be an avid gardener, sketched various designs from the subject and finally decided on cropping and going in very close to concentrate on the flower shapes and pot with the jewellery box and pearls .
One of the major subjects I feel most members need help on is understanding colour theory - so there's homework this time round. I handed out samples of my colour wheels and discussed cool and warm colours, complimentary colours and neutrals. Look forward to seeing what they achieve with primary colours from their own paint boxes or sets of tubes.


Robert A Vollrath said...

Nice post. I feel I'm getting back to basics with my own art and this post makes me think how much I've lost as an artist by playing in the abstract world too long.

Anita Davies said...

Sorry to hear attendance was low, doesn't seem to have effected the energy of the class though....The instrument is lovely!
Got your letter (hugs) written a reply and hope to send later today. x

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Robert and Anita for commenting on this latest workshop activity. Although the basics are hidden in our heads, its good to remind ourselves from time to time even when we are into the abstract world. Thats why I think teaching is so good for the teacher!!!
Look forward to your latest letter Anita.