Thursday, 14 May 2009

FLORAL SKETCHBOOK latest from my garden

Been so busy forgot to show you the latest in my handmade sketchbook of flowers in my garden. I had a surprise when I walked through the little gate down the path to the shed when I spied this glorious colour at the end on the left facing the hose reel and tap. Its a little raised area with a stone edge right by the shed door and there were these lovely bright self seeded Californian Poppies. Must have blown in from next door, as I know Netti has some in her flower borders in the front.

I must admit I had to photo them, as I did not have time then to sketch or paint. So the photos gave me the idea of adding the hose reel and shed door as an alternative to the bloom study. It helped to make two very different pages to the double spread.

Image 1 - left hand page, where I added the coloured borders after I had finished the right hand page to made the double spread more harmonious.

Image 2 - I had the idea of creating a little 'garden scene' on a page within a page and then simply carried on by adding the sketches around and the background colours.

Altogether, makes a very different spread from all the previous 12 entries since I started the skektchbook back in July last year.

For more detail of washes and penwork, please enlarge by clicking on images.


RHCarpenter said...

I love the look of poppies - so paper-thin in the sunlight! Your garden must be lovely year-round.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

This is a delightful entry in your sketchbook. I love the page within the page and that you also did the shed. Just wonderful!

Vicki Greene said...

How very bright and cheerful. I love the idea of keeping a sketch book but haven't started one yet. Yours is inspiring.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Yes, you are right Rhonda, there seems to be a colourful patch all year round but these were hiding round the corner I hardly visit this time of year until we need to get the hose pipe out.

Hello Cori - good to hear from you and have enjoyed a visit to your blog. Loved the little bird gift painting, but thought I'd be too late to enter.

Hey Vicki - one can start a sketchbook any time. Best thing I've found though is to have a different one for different subjects/events. Then they dont get filled so quickly with a number on the go.

Angela said...

These are really great! I made a sketchbook this very early Spring intending to use it this same way, but haven't gotten a chance to yet. On nice days there's just been way too much work to do to get ready for Summer - and on dreary, cold days (like today) - who wants to sit outside and sketch?!

Somewhere around July, when most things are in the ground and up enough to compete with the weeds on their own I always get a little break - maybe there will be some time then to get it all down!


Anita Davies said...

Lovely addition to your garden book Joannie!

Margaret Ann said...

OOOOH! Poppies...So sweet! These pages are the borders and the little story the pages tell...wonderful composition and sunny color!