Thursday, 21 May 2009


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Sorry, I have not posted anything lately but been very very busy. Firstly preparing the West Door of Norwich Cathedral above in acrylic for submission at the end of May (one week!) to be selected for exhibition at the Cathedral later in the summer.

Thought you might like to see its stages, but as I have put the finished work up already, here's a middle stage followed by some of the early wash shapes on sketch created with graphatint grey pencil. Make a change to go backwards through the process!!

I used photos I took last summer on a visit (only 10 miles from home) and painted on 16 x 16 inch square box canvas using a real mix of acrylic paints from Liquitex, W&N Finity and some Spanish tubes I bought years ago and for the final coat on the wooden door, I popped down to my local Swallowtail gallery and purchased - heaven forbid - a cheap Paynes Grey. Everyone know's I don't use Paynes Grey but felt a glaze would knock the tone back but allow the rich warm reds and blues to show through. I used such a mix of manufacturers paints as I saw so many colours in the stone and wood from greens, reds, yellows, browns and blues and I just rummaged in my box until I found the colours I wanted from unusual ones like Mars Orange, Light Green Oxide etc.
I have one week to sketch (from my photo s) a view of the cloisters (with some people on the green outside in the background). Hope it goes as well.
Happy painting folks.


Margaret Ann said...

A beautiful piece first glance I thought the topo image to be a photograph! I would advise any readers to definitely click on the image to enlarge's spectacular! :)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Margaret - I love painting doorways and I think it shows especially with all the colours I could detect and use.

Sandra Rowney. MA PGCE BSc said...

Great picture Joan. The two sculptures were made by David Holgate recently and were modelled on friends of his in Norwich. Have a look at this link.....

Claudia said...

...another wonderful painting, Joan!- I like the different colours you put in painting the entrance; it makes the painting so vivid!
...and, yeah, it i s difficult to draw in a new sketchbook! I overcome this feeling in drawing what I like most: landscapes, flowers, trees, nature...

Robert A Vollrath said...

Love the painting Joan.

I've been waiting a year to finish the painting you inspired.

My backyard trees will be in bloom next month.

Anita Davies said...

Oh well done Joannie, a great piece of work!
Good luck getting the cloisters ready.
Aren't you off to Italy soon?

Sandra Rowney said...

Hi Joan
July 7th and I'm just back from the Cathedral exhibition...this lovely painting is now on its way to new owners from the USA. Well done! (Mine's a pint!)