Sunday, 3 May 2009


We had our first workshop in the new venue - the lounge of the village hall - and were very comfortable with lots of space and light. As you may recall, I never teach with the use of photos but as we plan to get outdoors more this summer, I thought it a useful exercise to practice skies, trees, boats etc before braving an en plein aire session, so I brought along a selection of my own photos for the regular members to choose.

Initially they practiced different ways of creating skies and clouds - here's one for you to see.

Then they chose a landscape photo from my selection - guess what one chose a woodland (no sky!) another an area of moored yachts on the north Norfolk coast with a plain sky! Here is a WIP view of the woodland with bluebells - yet to be completed

Two others chose riverside scenes

Our new lady this month got on so well with her geometric shapes in graphite

that I gave her the dreaded copper coffee pot to work on and tone in graphite. She did so well that by mid afternoon I suggested she redraw it and tone it in three coppery water colours. Amazing progress on her first day with us.

Last, but by no means least, is the work of our young lady who joined us in February. Knowing how well she had worked with graphite before, I decided to bring along a set of Pitt Sepia pens for her to work with and suggested she sketch an ink pot and its box. The ink was nut brown, so we planned after the penwork to add some diluted ink washes .. but time ran out. This first image she was not satisfied with so started again larger and almost fell off her chair when I suggested she tackle the lettering. Its so great to give each member a little push into more than they think they can do and this result is masterful.

I may not have had time to add new posts to my blog lately, but when I do I certainly give you a lot to look at!!!


RHCarpenter said...

Sounds like you are off to a great adventure with these artists, Joan. They seem more than willing to jump in and try - and let you push them a bit so they can fly! I would love to be in class where you all go outside and paint (I need someone to push me to do that but perhaps the English countryside would be a very good incentive, too). Good luck and have fun!

raena said...

Joan, you sound like a fabulous teacher...I do wish you lived in my part of the country!

Robert A Vollrath said...

I love all your posts but I have a fondness for these class projects.

debwardart said...

Hi Joan, thanks for posting your students' work and giving us a glimpse of your teaching methods. You have lots of talented folks over there and I agree with the above - you must be a great teacher!

Anita said...

How lovely to see your students progress. And your venue sounds perfect. It must be very rewarding to see someone off to a flying start.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Been away since adding this workshop post - so thanks everyone for your kind comments.
Off tomorrow with Anita (the wonder Davies - blog address = ) to a cottage we have rented for the weekend on the north Norfolk coast to paint and paint and paint outdoors together - weather permitting.