Tuesday, 2 March 2010


A sample page from my little artbook with reference to one of the societies I belonged
to and some of the work I sold through their very successful exhibitions.

Well, at long last I have completed my latest project that has kept me so busy. Its a little soft covered 36 page book showing some 70 images of paintings I have exhibited and sold since 2000 - thus the title. Two pages that really worked well were of my sketchbooks, with three samples from my garden floral sketchbook and three from my trip to South Africa.

The book is available on http://www.blurb.com/ - the link is alongside above my profile - if any one would like to purchase and have a record of my efforts over these ten years. Below is the contents page to give you an idea of the range covered and my art connections here in England. Many of the images would have been posted over the past two years of blogging, but you might find the text alongside of interest.

Below is the page detailing very briefly my studies and contact details, with a little painting I did when I arrived in the Fenland region of East Anglia, England in 2000.
(although I have removed my address details for this blog entry).

Please don't feel obliged to purchase, just thought you'd like to know about it. Hopefully they will all enlarge with that magical click! Just in case there is a problem due to quantity of content, I have uploaded them the largest available. If you want to see more pages you can preview some of the book at the blurb website - under Public Books click on the book cover and then on Preview.


Margaret Ann said...

I am so excited for you and your new book Joannie...Wishing you the best of sales! Love to you from across the sea! XO

Sandra Rowney said...

Looking forward to seeing the book on Thursday Joan, please keep one for me, signed of course!

Sandy Maudlin said...

How exciting for you!!!! And what a lot of work and devotion. Best wishes and lots of sales to you!

Anita Davies said...

So surprised to see it written in the third person, it looks fab mate!!!
Can't wait to flip through it's pages. Well done!

debwardart said...

Great achievement!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I am not certain there will be many sales, except for close friends, but I think it will be very useful for publicising my artwork and taking to new galleries or potential clients of commissions.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Very nice. I like the font.Will there be an e-book version?

DJ said...

Joan, This is WONDERFUL !!!
I'm so excited for you. In the future, I want to blog-post about artists who've published books about their art, so you'll be included!
Must visit Blurb sometime, and check it out.
Your work is lovely, and worthy of being put into book format. As you said, what a great way to reach out to galleries and art groups. Please keep us posted about its effectiveness.
Hugs &
Much Continued Success!