Monday, 22 March 2010


Last Wednesday I had a minor op on my knee to remove a floating piece of cartilage about the size of a little finger!! No wonder I had been in trouble over the past year!! Yesterday, I started to get bored but did not feel up to tackling my St Nics second oil painting that only has its first block layer.

So I hopped into the garden to find there were crocus mixed up with snowdrops, my little irises and a gorgeous warm coloured hellabore in full bloom. Did not fancy staying out, so had to photo them to get myself settled down in the sunroom with Clive's help and open up my lovely garden sketchbook. This was supposed to be visited on a monthly basis, but this is the first entry this year. I have managed three pieces though during yesterday and this afternoon.

Today I am showing you my hellabores, compiled from 4 different photos. Below is the double spread detailing the White Knights watercolours I used. I chose this set, as I knew I had lots of varying warm colours and would need to add lots of layers to develop the rich strong tone. Just in case it does not enlarge, might mention I added what they call Ruby as an after thought layer to bring out the richness of the petals. Needless to say, I used masking fluid to save the seeds as I made my washes. Turned out quite botanical this study as I took my time over the shapes drawn with a light lavender watercolour pencil, then added layer upon layer of colour.

Tomorrow I'll post my more complex but sponatenous pen sketch with added washes and splashes of the crocuses and snowdrops growing side by side - a most unusual occurrence because of the lateness of the snowdrops this year due to all the snow we have had.


Vicki Greene said...

Joan you have been very busy! I love your sketches and hope that your knee is 100% real soon.

Sandra Rowney said...

That is just beautiful. Are you still high on anaesthetic? If so I'd like some in order to paint like that.

Anita Davies said...

Wonderful to see your garden sketchbook again...beautiful study. Pleased to hear you are taking it easy and letting Clive look after you, keep it up, you'll benefit long term and soon be pacing 3 steps infront of me puffing behind you again! LOL!

Flowers said...

Your garden skecthbook looks great but the picture of flowers on it looks awesome. all your illustrations are amazing.