Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Still working on practice sketches for my Italian visit, I went to my wonderful full colour plate book MICHELANGELO - THE FRESCOES OF THE SISTINE CHAPEL which I purchased a few years back at a local library sale. I was hooked when I came to the chapter on SEERS - ie prophets and sibyls. So began a series of watercolour and pen sketches using my Daniel Smith paints and Lamy pen with noodlers Lexington grey ink. Here are three efforts:

Jeremiah - lost in thought

I think the hands are a bit big but pleased with all the colours I managed to put into the flesh.

The Libyan Sibyl

Afraid she has turned out rather masculine and squashed at the top of the sketchbook page.

Zechariah - the Hebrew Prophet

This, in fact, was my first one and as you can see the head is too small. Well! its only practice and I have not done figures for ages.

To be continued at some stage.


RHCarpenter said...

Wow, the first and second are gorgeous! Well done :) I think you stopped on the last one (which was actually the first?) when you realized the head was too small.

Sandra Rowney said...

You kindly showed me the inspirational book when I last visited - wonderful pictures of the ceiling. It'll be wonderful to see it for real after all this research.

Crystal Cook said...

Wow, those are beautiful! SO fresh and lively. :) I love them.