Thursday, 14 October 2010


Nanny's garden - a beautiful place
Like a dream
Like a fairytale
It brightens the day
It brightens our way
The sun upon nanny's garden

This little verse was written by my youngest grand daughter (aged 11 yrs) when she and her sister stayed with us for a weekend recently. Elisha has always liked 'playing' with figures and words and we often make up games together. This time it was to give her a title and for her to produce a few lines in less than 5 minutes. We happen to be sitting in the sun room when I mentioned my garden and out popped these wonderful words in no time at all.

We had some magic this past week or two as I had almost given up on my planted cosmos that just seem to grow taller and taller as the summer came and went and could almost be entered into the Guineas book of records for their giant height. Not until now in October have they decided to bloom - three colours and at least thirty blooms out all at once with many a bud awaiting. So here's a couple of photos, both taken through my bedroom window. In one you can just see the village church down the hill over the rooftops.

Elisha nearly broke my heart when she wrote the following for the subject of family:

Family are forever
Family stay together
We love
We care
The sky never dull
The sky always bright
We see brightness
We see darkness
but whatever happens
we stay together.

Unusual posting but just had to share them with you. Hope Elisha doesn't mind.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks so much for sharing her beautiful words. What an artistic family. You've made my morning.

Anita Davies said...

Oh Joan, you could have warned me...I've diluted my coffee now reading Elishas beautiful words.
The garden looks gorgeous!
See you soon!!!!!