Monday, 4 October 2010


Finished Sunflowers in watercolour on Lana Vanguard medium 16" x 12"

On Thursday afternoon I only had one of my ladies arrive for a session of painting together, but that was fine. Just as I planned for the 6 ladies I had invited to be part of this rather personal group to come as and when they wanted with no commitment simply to spend art time together.

So I had the chance to paint the sunflowers I had purchased from the local farm shop and decided to play wet on wet on YUPO type paper (a French version called Lana Vanguard) and I used watercolour for a change in place of my more regular acrylic inks. Maggie had brought three red rose buds to paint in acrylic on a small canvas.

Here is the first layer and early design:

.. and some close ups of the various areas of the painting where you can see I added or lifted colour:

It was lots of fun and I simply developed it as I went along. Hope the top finished work will enlarge for you to see the detail of layers. These Thursday afternoons I am keeping for this little group are good for me as I don't have to do anything 'seriously' ... maybe that way they will turn out better!!


RHCarpenter said...

They seem a bit wind-blown...or maybe they are dancing? Lovely work!!

Marie Theron said...

That is what I would call making a serious painting from a fleeting subject! Well done, Joan, and it is good to have this different approach!

Fábio Cembranelli said...

Hi Joan! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like your sunflowers, it's a beautiful composition. I've never tried Yuppo and your results are really great!