Friday, 11 March 2011


This is a bit complicated to explain - I needed to create a local riverside summer scene to replace where a pair was hung in a corner on one stone wall at the Rising Sun, as the replacement hurriedly hung after a sale just doesn't look right as the subject, size and frames don't match. Get it? So I decided as it was winter to create a different version of an acrylic painting I did and sold last year. What's been happening is the local river scenes are selling quicker than the floral or Norfolk landscapes pieces that are hung ... so I need really to do and hang more of them but this is not the time of year to create new scenes of boats as there aren't any until the summer season! You may remember, my recent efforts were of the sign post in the snow!!

... so anyway here is a resulting watercolour using a portion of the acrylic boat painting as my reference. They certainly look very different paintings mainly because of the media but also because I went in closer to the boats, added more people over in the pub restaurant garden and did not paint any geese on a much smaller area of grass in the foreground. Oh! by the way Sally has had the pub building painted this lovely lemon for the new season, so I decided to update it.

...and here is the original acrylic work I sold last year that was posted some time ago, so you can see where I got the reference from.
David (my local framer) is framing it now with the same moulding as the one thats still there in the corner and I made sure it was the same size.


hog village. said...

Amazing picture.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Joan, I love the brightness of this new painting - it has a beautiful fresh, clear look. Your trees are amazing and your reflections in the water are gorgeous. I am afraid that you will soon sell this one and will once again have to find a companion piece for the other painting:-)

RH Carpenter said...

Well done, taking a painting and making it your reference for another painting! It worked beautifully :) I agree, this one will sell quickly!

debwardart said...

Neat idea to make a painting from another! It's great that your paintings are selling so well, congratulations!