Monday, 14 January 2008


So its day two for me on my blog and I promised to add an image daily of my typical work. This one was a commission last summer for a lady who visited my OPEN STUDIOS and fell in love with one of my large textured red and gold floral based pieces that looked like a Persian Carpet by the time I had spent many a month adding from week to week until I felt it said all I wanted. Happily she purchased it and commissioned me to do same size 24" x 30" but in pinks to go in her main lounge. I visited her and found she had lots of art nouveau touches around her home including tiles around a black Victorian fireplace, some glass and pottery and her tapestry covered sofa. So they all came into the painting as you can see on the image posted. It was great fun developing the composition with layers of varying tones, acrylic paste, beeds, seeds, silver and pearlarised paints.
I asked Clive (my husband) to give me a call when it was 6 pm so I could prepare supper for us ... cant believe how the time flies not only when you are painting, sketching, planning the next piece but blogging as well??!!.
I have a double commission ( a pair of 16" x 16" box canvas) to start with creams and soft greens and lemons so thought once I start I might post the stages of the work , so you can see how they progress.
Would be nice to hear from anyone out there??


Robert A Vollrath said...

Beautiful work.

Serena said...

This is gorgeous, Joan! No wonder your client was so happy. I would love very much to see the different stages or your next pieces. :)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Serena - left message on your blog. I'm trying to remember to photo the various stages of the development of my current work in progress I originally posted few days ago. They are coming on fine but keep changing!!