Thursday, 31 January 2008


These are the completed 16 x 16 inch acrylic canvases I was working on last week. Unfortunately, the first one has come up somewhat pinky in colour in the photoing, but I really did use the same colours for both paintings. The second one has more collage ie the two pots themselves but they are both based on window backgrounds, one with the effect of lace curtains and the other with bowed Georgian style window. Ive added close up images to give you a better idea of the colour of the first painting and see the textures of both.


Claudia said...

Joan, I have no words...your paintings are just w o n d e r f u l !!! So worth the effort!

Robert A Vollrath said...

I like how the textures fight against each other and enhance the work at the same time. Its like you're drawn into the painting and then think, this isn't the painting I thought it was.

africantapestry said...

This is beautiful work! I love all the play with colour and you have such a wonderful diverse mixture of texture!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Claudia and Robert
Glad you like the results - to be honest I wasnt sure of the second one as I wondered if the white lilies on the left were too large for the composition. Only hope who they are intended for likes them as I tried to keep to their colour scheme and subject matter. It is good to get feedback of such depth as I think it is very hard to assess your own work.
Dont forget a bit of criticism is always welcome.
Ronell - had fun browsing all your websites and blogs. In actual fact I sent (or so I thought) a long comment the other day about your beautiful free washes in your French townscapes. I loved them. Also thanks for the life drawing tutors advice - very sound. Not only do I have an interest in France but last September I was in South Africa for 5 weeks sketching and travelling some 3,000 miles with friends who have a second home out there. I created a 100 page 6 x 8 inch journal... and one day might create a blog of the trip.