Sunday, 27 January 2008




I have been asked to show the stages of some of my work so have uploaded 3 stages and the finished acrylic canvas from a series of stainglass windows I have painted from imagination. My love of flowers and church interiors gave me the inspiration to join these subjects together. I did a pair 14 x 36 inches and sold the following one based on irises at the Kings Lynn Festival last Autumn. In both works I added a great deal of texture to the surrounding stonework and kept it stonelike with very thin mat varnish but glazed the window areas with a number of layers of gloss varnish.


Robert A Vollrath said...

I love your work. This is one of my favorite blogs. Those window paintings are fantastic!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Robert glad you like the windows idea. Hows Invisible Picnic coming along?

Robert A Vollrath said...

I'm taking the post of the Invisible Picnic down for 24 hours on Jan. 29th

On Jan. 30th the finished version will be posted.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I finished the rough version of the Invisible Picnic in 7 hours. Well the second half anyway.

I'm doing a series of paintings to add to my blog that were inspired by
your stained glass paintings.
After The Endless Road I'll have story paintings for each story.
I'm doing three happy animal stories

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Robert arent you busy. Cant wait for the 30th - gosh thats tomorrow. Will be fascinating to see your inspired artwork for your stories. Brilliant.