Sunday, 10 February 2008


Many moons ago I used to use oil paints but found the mediums of those days smelt too much around the house and so began experimentation with acrylics which I grew to love for all its abilities of using thinned like a watercolour, creamy like oils and mixing with paste for texture. Over the years new oil paints have emerged together with odourless solvents so I have had the idea for some time to go back to my first love. In investigation I kept coming across work painted with the Michael Harding hand made paints - the colours so vibrant and fresh. I obtained a wonderful hand made colour chart that had a full desciption of how they are made with refined cold pressed linseed oil and no driers that can cause cracking and yellowing. When I discovered the gallery I visit weekly for life class was taking on these oils for sale and allowing me a discount I purchased a good range after Christmas.

The story continues - hope you still bearing with me - a church in West Norfolk has run a Celebration of Art during the Spring for the past 8 years and I have been fortunate to have work hung and sold. So I joined my new oils to my love of churches for this year's exhibition by painting the church of St Botolphs Grimston . I photo'd some of the stages which I post above. Its turned out thicker than I expected, especially the wall and the church building, as I painted in many different layers. Many of the paints I used are slow drying which made it fun to blend from day to day.

My reference was from a series of photos I took a couple of exhibitions ago when all the cherry trees were out in blossom by the wall. Its as well I have a good well indexed back up system of folders so that I can easily find what I am looking for from my own reference photos from my journeys and visits.

Cant wait to paint my second church in oil. It might be from one of my sketches I posted - more than likely the derelect tower with the iron gate. The third one might be the church gateway in Gayward, which is a village near Grimston.


Robert A Vollrath said...

After twenty years away from oils I'm starting to paint again in oils.
This post was very helpful.
The painting was beautiful in a dream like way.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Looks like we are both returning to our roots with oils. I was concerned the final result of my Grimston church painting was a little 'chocolate box'. Pleased to hear it was 'dreamy' to you. Thanks for your support Robert.

Anita Davies said...

Those deep reds along the wall and the darks in the trees finish this off beautifully Joan.

Margaret Ann said...

Ah! The freshness of spring...Breathe it in deeply...I can just smell the flowers!