Tuesday, 12 February 2008


This, in fact, was my second sketch of the afternoon, drawn with green graphitint pencil and a little watercolour applied, with the water blending the outline.

This was the hardest pose - and how our model kept hold of her foot for so long I have no idea. Isnt she marvelous?? Again drawn with graphitint pencil and a little very wet watercolour added.

The final pose was the quickest to use up the final moments of the session, so I sketched it with a charcoal stick and added a little colour... and as you can see only tackled the top portion of the pose. When I wet the charcoal shadows they softened beautifully. Its fun to try different techniques each week.


Claudia said...

You are so versatile, Joan! Life drawings, oil painting, watercolours, drawings! I really love to read (and see) your blog posts! - What you write about the oil colours´is so true. At the moment, I'm drawing in a tiny room and cannot use them because of the smell.Therefore, I bought a range of Artisan water soluble oil paints, but they stick on my brushes while painting and I don't know how to avoid that. (At least, they dont smell)...
Thank you for your kind comment on my colour charts and keep on drawing and painting!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I decided against the Artisan water soluble as I thought they would not have that yumminess of oils. Am I wrong? Havent heard about the sticking problem though. My versatility I think has been my downfall, as it seems most galleries want artists with a 'style' they can rely on. I cant get my head around that as I always want to experiment and explore.