Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Had a very busy week followed by the family staying over the Easter Weekend. Woke up on Sunday to the garden covered by 4 inches and the corner by the pond looking so pretty I photoed it as above. My youngest grand daughter so excited when she woke, she ran out into the snow in her pyjamas and bare feet!!!.

Somehow I finally managed to finish the Grimston Church font in oil as above. Little problem with the colour of the font cover red wood against the red plush curtains behind but have to be realistic because it will be hanging in this scene !!! Thats a challenge for criticism if ever I gave myself one. Now await it drying before getting all three paintings framed in time for the show at Grimston church.

Now have a large mill painting to do in oils for the local gallery. So I am as busy as ever when I get back from few days with lovely Anita (link on right).


Robert A Vollrath said...

The picture of your painting is great
but your photo of your Grand Daughter is priceless.

Robyn said...

Your gorgeous photos of snow put our pathetic dusting to shame, Joan.

Well done on finishing your font painting. A very difficult subject beautifully realised.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks oh loyal blog visitors for your comments. The snow comes and goes so quickly that Im glad I captured it on film.