Thursday, 5 June 2008



A view across the lawn showing that repair work is in progress on this building that has been a centre of Christian worship for over 900 years.
The west door by which I entered to see the marvelous nave stretching out before me as below. You can see the organ at the end, under which you walk to the choir and then onto the High Altar. The choral tradition dates back to the Benedictine monks. I photo'ed a number of the ends of the misericords (seats) with their range of images.

A shot of the cloisters on my way to the refrectory for a well needed pot of tea and fruit cake!
View of the spire through the cloisters across the green where there is a stone labrynth to walk round on a spiritual journey.

I could not believe I had a whole day to myself so got out quickly this morning and drove 8 miles to the Park and Ride service that takes you on a 15 minute journey into the city centre.

I had two points of call lined up and the first was to the NOVA (Norfolk Organisation for Visual Arts) art exhibition at St Margarets church in Benedict Street. I met up with a couple of the members and had an enjoyable hour or so chatting about art and looking at their sculptures from driftwood and stainglass works of panels and lighting. Some of the artwork was by artists I had visited during the Norfolk Open Studios.

Then I walked through the old cobbled streets with rickety tudor beamed buildings to the Cathedral. I've posted architectural photos, but took so many inside of marble figures, the lectern in the shape of a brass pelican. ... just been called to dinner so will complete this post later......

Now I'm back just to say I hope those of you visiting this blog from overseas will enjoy the beauty of our English heritage. We are fortunate to have many cathedrals dotted around the country... and believe it or not they are free to enter and enjoy and prayer in although I willingly paid a fee to use my camera . Whilst I was there the minister on duty invited us to join him in the Lords Prayer - it was a delightful touch to my day.


Claudia said...

Hello Joan,
thank you so much for your new comment on my blog! - Nice to read (and see) that you spent such an interesting day. Kind regards from

Anita Davies said...

Oh Joan, great photos!
How great to learn that it's free to enter and look around, Ely charge.
Glad you had a lovely day my friend...Good luck with your workshop Saturday!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Joan,

I loved seeing your photos. I did click on each and every one. You are most fortunate to have these glorious cathedrals. I've only been to the UK twice, but these are the places that I always sought out.

Thanks for a great post!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I was so pleased dear visitor friends (Claudia, Anita and Lottery Girl) to my blog that this photo post of my visit to Norwich Cathedral was of interest. Now you know why I am in the process of producing a journal of Norfolk churches - they are so stunning and when you are inside 'gob smacking'!!!! How ever did these stonemasons of yore create such beauty without our 21st Century technology and equipment - sheer creative genius.

Sandy said...

What lovely photos, thanks for sharing your glorious day with us.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Your blog is making me want to travel to England.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Glad you liked the photo and info on Norwich Cathedral Rob. Let me know when you are coming over the pond. Its so nice Sandy that blog visitors enjoy photo sessions as well as artwork.