Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Yes, this is Anita (the famous columnist Anita Davies!) who came for a few days visit with her wonderful son Harry. Sketching as ever - this time while we hired a day boat on the Broads waterways - and here's Harry steering the boat for us!!
We were very lucky with the weather and got out all day and part of the evenings. We sketched outdoors at How Hill yesterday and here's my effort of the brick built mill sitting amongst the wild plants leading along a little path up to the river.

Thanks Anita and Harry for a wonderful time together including the A-Z games late into the night!!!!


Jenny said...

Good company and good weather! Delightful! Love your mill sketch!

Robert A Vollrath said...

Great windmill sketch.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Jenny - thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Been over to your's and left message.

Hi Robert - enjoyed working outdoors with Anita and Harry.

Anita Davies said...

Oh my, doesn't my Harry look adorable!
Joan thank YOU, we had a wonderful few days in Coltishall and Harry can't wait to come again!

Just look at my rats tailed hair!!! :0 LOL!