Sunday, 2 November 2008


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This sketch began because when I turned over the page in the moleskin sketchbook the thick colour from the fighting bronze hares on previous page had soaked through, so Anita gave me a sheet from her note pad and stuck it in. I then developed the little ivy sprays on this sheet outside the square, looked at her silk flowers in the lounge and added the poppy seeds and flower shapes. Then came the vase and finally the lace covered slipper to hold rings I gave Anita some while ago. So finally I took two of my rings off and drew them alongside.
At the time I was sketching at the dining table with Harry, who was drawing James Bond in a wonderful tuxedo plus gun of course, as they were going to see Quantum of Solace the next day. I borrowed his colour pencils and decided not to shade the flower shapes on the note sheet, added a few notes in the corner and it was complete.
Our Anita does encourage you to work fast - and I love the way the pages evolve as they go.


Anita Davies said...

So do I Joan and this page evolved beautifully, such a feminine, Victorian feel about it.

E-J said...

The notepad page is merged so beautifully with the rest that it took me a moment, even in close-up, to locate its edges! The tendency for certain media to bleed through does put me off using a Moleskine - but what fun to devise a solution that makes the page evolve in a way you wouldn't have predicted!

RHCarpenter said...

The addition of the piece of notepaper adds another element to it that it wouldn't normally had - I'd call that bleed through a happy accident in this case. Love the painting/drawing.