Friday, 31 October 2008


Everyone should have the opportunity I have from time to time to spend a few days with Anita at her home and with her wonderful family in the Fens of East Anglia in England. She is the world's greatest blogger and, more to the point, a maestro at sketchbook art. Such an influence I start using my moleskin sketchbook 10 x 8 inches from the minute I walk in the door!!!

All these sketches are from object d'art in her home added to the double spread throughout most of the first day. It was cold and I had just driven 70 miles across country so we worked in doors.

The fighting hares are a small bronze figure on her Victorian black fireplace.
The egg is a wonderfully patterned and coloured wooden egg on display on the sideboard.
The book cover is from her recent project of 27 local village houses which have been printed into a beautiful 38 page 7 x 7 inch soft covered book.
The apples I brought over from the Broads in Norfolk in a plastic colander.
The flowers are made from a potato stamp Anita created while preparing dinner!
Finally, there is one of Harry's guns in the middle.

What a collection. What a family. What a wonderful 3 days.

More to show you from a trip into Ely to deliver work to the Sue Ryder Fund raising event. I have an acrylic workshop tomorrow - so more on Sunday.

To see Anita's blog and wonderful artwork click on the link on the left.


Claudia said...

Gorgeous sketchbook page! I'm sure you enjoyed this trip!

E-J said...

What gorgeous, rich colours. I know exactly what you mean about Anita being inspirational with her sketchbooks. She's contagious!

So sorry I didn't get to see you both on Thursday. I was having a crazy-making sort of day.

Margaret Ann said...

Nice journal spread Joannie! What a wonderful collection of memories...leave it to Anita to creat a potato stamp while preparing dinner!

How delightful for you to be her friend and to be able share your love of art togetherin person! :)

"JeanneG" said...

As usual you two seem to have such a great time when you are together. I love your writing. I have terrible handwriting.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Glad you all enjoyed this mixed page from my trip to Anitas.

Amazed you like my writing Jeanneg, as I always complain I think it ruins my sketchbooks!!!

Sorry you didnt make the meet up in Ely E-J as I brought my floral garden sketchbook for you to look at and we had a lovely sandwich lunch in Peacocks and did some sketching as we sat at the window alcove table.

Anita Davies said...

The stamps came out well didn't they Joannie. I'm hoping to try one again today while making my cottage pie.
It was wonderful having you here, sorry to hear you've been suffering with a sore throat since you arrived home...Blame Jake! LOL!
I can't believe how much work you got done during your visit...Wonderful!!!